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Children of Christ Learning Center LLC - Website Design by College Web Pro LLC

Hello my name is Victoria. I am a Director of the Children of Christ Learning Center out of Aberdeen Maryland.
This is more than just a review. This review is my way of saying thank you to a very kind, reliable, and talented web builder.
I was struggling for weeks trying to build a website that I was told would only take a day. I was so frustrated and ready to throw in the towel when I stumbled onto College Web Pro. I quickly called Ian who responded immediately. I explained to him that I have been trying to build my site with another web building company, and I really needed help to complete and publish it.  Ian was kind, understanding, a very good listener, and very patience with me.  Ian express his concerns and ensured me that he would help me build my website. He even showed me how I could save on my monthly hosting bill.  He walk with me step–by-step through the process sending me videos instructions to help me. He allowed me to ask as many question as needed, and give me fee-b…

I'm The Boss Everyday Gets a Fresh Website Design - by College Web Pro Ian Franzen

I was very grateful for the nice work that Ian did on building and organizing my website. He was even able to help me relay more information than what I had given him. It looks professional and functional but allowed me the freedom to tweak it so it could be just right. I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know that needs this service. Thank you Ian, your a enjoy helping and you are quite humble. Peace and Blessings.

Daven Mayeda, Life Coach and Personal Trainer Gets a New Website Design

Ian was extremely competent, fast, and helpful with my website needs. I needed to do some things that I just could not figure out and he helped alíviate a lot of the headache. He also fixed some other issues I didn’t even notice.  I would highly recommend him.

Website Design & Logo Created for East and West Accupuncture by College Web Pro

"Thank you very for taking your time to help us build a beautiful website. We loved it! Would recommend Ian to anyone need to build a simple website with professional quality look!"

Another Job Completed - Website Design for Jui$e Leroy

"I've been working with Ian for years now he has only gotten better and remained helpful along the way."