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"As a result of our joint work our company has professional looking, easy navigate website that exactly I wanted."

I really appreciate your review.  I'm glad you found the process to be an easy and pleasant experience.  I would be happy to work with you again anytime.  Thanks so much for your feedback!
April 7, 2014To Whom It May Concern:I am writing this reference letter for web designer Ian Franzan. I have worked with him on our new website for the last couple weeks, and it was pleasant experience. Ian is highly professional, organized, and details orientated person who implement his technical skills very efficient. Step by step he provided instructions for me that were easy to follow, and his recommendations were extremely helpful. As a result of our joint work our company has professional looking, easy navigate website that exactly I wanted.
I highly recommend College Web Pro to anybody who is looking to develop nice website, and Ian is a perfect match because he has ability to do it professional and in efficient manner.Best Regards,Nadezda Postnikov

Client Pleased With Their "First Class Website"

Rob, It was an honor to work with you.  Thank you for any referrals you can offer.  Working with you was a great pleasure.  If you need any further help with the College Web Pro Client Editing System please let me know.  Thanks!


Good afternoon Ian,
I want to take some time to give you a stellar review regarding your consultation, website building and overall great customer service.
My experience having you handle the conceptualization thru the build of my event services website was a great pleasure.  I am most impressed with how efficient and straight forward the whole process was in building a first class website.

After I forwarded the content and concept of what I was looking for, you delivered fantastic results that did not need much change at all.  In addition your level of customer service post site build was greatly appreciated.  I am happy to get the additional help you offered such as social media marketing etc.
I would recommend Ian Franzen from the College Web Pro se…

Check Out This Great Review from Alrick Crowe

I'm glad that you were pleased with the work that I did for you and that you found my answers to your questions helpful.  I enjoyed developing your website and look forward to working with you on future projects! To whom it may concern,
I am incredibly pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Ian Franzen. I recently contacted Ian about the development of a newly formed organization after tirelessly looking for reasonably priced vendors. Ian walked me through the necessary procedure to get a website, and took a few days to develop the site. Once the site was complete, I was pleased with what Ian had come up with and I am happy to call it my company website. Ian was quite patient with my requests, and responded quickly to many of my inquiries.
I am glad that I stumbled upon Ian, because now my business has the face that it needs to get noticed on the internet. In addition to the creation of the website, Ian has provided me with tools that simplify the process for me to maintain …

Internet Marketer Ian Franzen Creates a Website for Gates Concrete

Laura, I'm so glad you and Gerry were satisfied with my work.  I'm glad you found my video tutorials easy to understand.  It was a privilege to work with you both!

The College Web Pro Internet Marketing Expert Finishes a Project for Steven Hawley

I really appreciate the kind words, Steve.  I had a great time working on your site and I'm so glad that you found me easy to work with.  And I'm thrilled to hear that you're receiving positive comments about the site.
Dear Ian,To say that I was happy with the web site is a gross understatement!  The website and accompanying blog are exceptional.  When we first began this venture I had never embarked upon anything like this.  At 60 years of age the tech talk and information has always kept at a distance   The business as an author also needed to be brought into the 21st century for social marketing.  You have   accomplished that goal.When we first began “talking” through email I thought I would have to wade my way through talk that didn’t make sense to me.  You took the necessary time to explain every part of the website and blog environment.  Thank you for your patience.  I’ve already had a lot of positive comments on the site.As all things tend to change and take differen…

Effusive Praise for the College Web Pro from Nicholas V. Vakkur, Founder of

I appreciate your clear communication.  I'm so glad you found me easy to work with and reliable.  If you need anymore work on the website please let me know.  It was great working with you!
Dear Mr. Franzen;This letter is to thank you sincerely for constructing my website.  As a researcher, my knowledge of technical issues, including such things as web design, is non-existent.   Thus, for several years I have struggled with a one-dimensional, out of the box web design program that while inexpensive was unattractive and less than professional.
That was until I was fortunate enough to meet Ian Franzen and his firm  Ian Franzen, utilizing tremendous expertise all delivered through an incredibly simple process, enabled me to develop and acquire an extremely professional, polished and crisp website with surprisingly minimal effort on my behalf. I would heartily recommend Mr. Franzen for any web design project.  He is extremely easy to work with, flexible, and listens a…

"Thanks to Ian, my business is booming!" - Another Project Completed by the College Web Pro

Josh, it was excellent working with you and the rest of your fine team at Go Green Gutters.  I'm so glad to hear that the website is helping your business.  Please keep in mind if you need any future web-development work done!

Internet Marketing Whiz Kid Creates Website for Geoff Maher,

I'm so glad you're happy with the College Web Pro Client Editing System.  I will continue to work with you and answer any questions you have.  I'm truly grateful for your business!
To whom it may concern,
Ian, at the has been an amazing guide in the process of designing a website for my personal music business. From the beginning, Ian has shown patience and reliability. His email response time has been within the time frame of one business day. He has shown great patience through my learning of the college web pro editing system. The college web pro editing system is great for people interested in moving there business in the direction of success on the world stage. His online video tutorials are detailed and easy to follow for the website building novice such as myself. I am very pleased with all the personal attention and professional results I have attained with the help of Ian Franzen and the college web pro client editing system. I look forward to co…

Ian Franzen Designs a Professional Website for Blaine Webb Financial Group

Blaine, I'm glad you were pleased with the results.  I'm so glad we connected and that you had a good experience working with me.  Thank you for the letter and your business.  

Internet Marketer Ian Franzen Completes Project for B.K. Motor Sports LLC in Douglasville, Georgia

Kendall, I'm thrilled that you're happy with your new website.  I'm really glad you enjoyed working with me.  I hope the site serves you well. B.K. Motor Sports LLC
Douglasville, GA 30135
To whom it may concern,
I wish to submit this letter of recommendation on behalf of Ian Franzen.
Mr. Franzen was hired to do web design services for my company on October 31, 2013. His social skills, performance, communication, and work skills are very commendable and my company is thoroughly satisfied with his work.  His prompt responses are an aspiring asset of a committed business partner and I would be glad to work with him again.
I have been the owner of B.K. Motor Sports since October 2012. If I can be of further assistance or provide more information on Mr. Franzen, please call me at (678) 851-0399.
Kendall Malcolm

A Spectacular Review from Heart of Harmony Doula Care for Ian Franzen

I'm glad you had a good experience working with me, Beverly.  I'm glad to hear the website has been helping your business.
I had the pleasure of working with Ian Franzen in October of 2013. I had started my business in May and started working on my website in June. Come fall, I still had not been able to get my website as I envisioned it. I felt my business was suffering because of this. Luckily, Ian took over for me and totally re-created my site for me. In a short period of time, my website was complete! Now it represents who I am and what I have to offer. My business was already showing improvement only a week after my website was launched. I recommend Ian to anyone who needs help starting or improving their website. -Beverly Pitman (Heart of Harmony Doula Care)

No Complaints from Joe with Appex Corp. Thanks for the glowing review!

Thanks so much for your kind words, Joe.  I had a great time putting your site together.   College Web Pro, YOU ROCK!!! Simply Put. We were a growing company in desperate need of a new business website and didn’t have a clue where to begin or how to best proceed. We came across College Web Pro performing an internet search for a professional design firm.   Immediately upon contacting them, the associates there are super knowledgeable, and all the meanwhile, providing excellent customer service as well.  He helped me throughout the entire process by patently walked me through the many steps, like information gathering, photos and design layout to say the least.  You can be in complete control throughout the entire, easy process, thanks to College Web Pro. Between their step by step processes in place, and their awesome “Client Editing System”, which allows you to modify and customize practically every aspect of your website. This is like the “icing on the cake!”  You can trust the know…

Positive Review from Almar LLC for Ian Franzen, College Web Pro

Alex, it was a real joy working with you.  Let me know if you need any further assistance with your site!

Thank you so much for all your help with my website.  From the beginning you were attentive and very descriptive in the steps needed to get my companies first website up and running.  The videos and emails made it impossible to screw it up, even to someone who is not technologically gifted.

I run a small construction business out Massachusetts and having Ian there to explain all the details was crucial to me quickly getting a website online.  He guided me through the program and it allowed me to customize the site with ease.  From securing the domain name to designing the page, I am very thankful to have had his help.  Not to mention his pricing was more than fair for the quality of services received.

I would recommend Ian to anyone looking for website help!

Alex Green
Almar LLC