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Internet Marketer Ian Franzen Creates a Website for Gates Concrete

Laura, I'm so glad you and Gerry were satisfied with my work.  I'm glad you found my video tutorials easy to understand.  It was a privilege to work with you both!

The College Web Pro Internet Marketing Expert Finishes a Project for Steven Hawley

I really appreciate the kind words, Steve.  I had a great time working on your site and I'm so glad that you found me easy to work with.  And I'm thrilled to hear that you're receiving positive comments about the site.
Dear Ian,To say that I was happy with the web site is a gross understatement!  The website and accompanying blog are exceptional.  When we first began this venture I had never embarked upon anything like this.  At 60 years of age the tech talk and information has always kept at a distance   The business as an author also needed to be brought into the 21st century for social marketing.  You have   accomplished that goal.When we first began “talking” through email I thought I would have to wade my way through talk that didn’t make sense to me.  You took the necessary time to explain every part of the website and blog environment.  Thank you for your patience.  I’ve already had a lot of positive comments on the site.As all things tend to change and take differen…

Effusive Praise for the College Web Pro from Nicholas V. Vakkur, Founder of

I appreciate your clear communication.  I'm so glad you found me easy to work with and reliable.  If you need anymore work on the website please let me know.  It was great working with you!
Dear Mr. Franzen;This letter is to thank you sincerely for constructing my website.  As a researcher, my knowledge of technical issues, including such things as web design, is non-existent.   Thus, for several years I have struggled with a one-dimensional, out of the box web design program that while inexpensive was unattractive and less than professional.
That was until I was fortunate enough to meet Ian Franzen and his firm  Ian Franzen, utilizing tremendous expertise all delivered through an incredibly simple process, enabled me to develop and acquire an extremely professional, polished and crisp website with surprisingly minimal effort on my behalf. I would heartily recommend Mr. Franzen for any web design project.  He is extremely easy to work with, flexible, and listens a…

"Thanks to Ian, my business is booming!" - Another Project Completed by the College Web Pro

Josh, it was excellent working with you and the rest of your fine team at Go Green Gutters.  I'm so glad to hear that the website is helping your business.  Please keep in mind if you need any future web-development work done!