Website Completed by Ian Franzen for Photographer Conner Lyons

Conner, I'm so glad you found my instructional videos easy to understand.  Thanks so much for the kind letter.  Setting up a website for your photography business was easy and fun.  I hope to hear from you again if you need any future work done.  Please keep me in mind.  And let me know if you need any technical assistance.
To who it may concern;
Ian Franzen has been communicating with me for the last few months now and has been a revolutionary figure for my photography website endevour. I first found Ian on Craigslist while I was browising around for website opportunites. Little did I know that reaching out to Ian would be one of the most benifical things that I have done for myself in as long as I can remember.
I am most pleased with the way that Ian can clearly and effectively communicate with other people. Every time that I would send him an email he would get back to me in what seemed like just a few hours. He always answers my questions with very in depth responses and step by step directions that creates perfect guidelines for a person like me who is not so computer savy. His ability to effectively communicate allowed me and him to work towards a photography website that I could not be more happy with.
While working on this project I dealt with a few major roadblocks in trying to put my photo website together but Ian knew exactly what to do to overcome those roadblocks and get the website underway. Some of Ian's messages to me included very detailed Youtube vidoes that he created himself of how to use tools on the web. Without those instructional videos I would have been lost in a swarm of information that I did not understand. Ian's clean and clear direction helped me dramatically with putting my photo website together. It would have been impossible without his instruction.
Throughout this entire process Ian was very patient with me, he took time to guide me through each single step of the process. With Ian's help I have a fully functioning photography website that I can use for a wide variety of purposes. I feel as if Ian's skills on the computer could be used for so much more than creating photo websites and I am sure that will be the case in time to come. Keep up the great work Ian.  -Conner Lyons

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