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100% Five Star Review for Website Design for David Pardue of Thinkative

David is a talented writer and photographer who has traveled the world and written about how other people can live the awesome life he does. I worked with him to set up a website for his travel blog which turned out extremely well.  He left me a five-star review: "Ian has been instrumental in making my personal blog come to fruition! I'm incredibly grateful to have come across such a true professional".

Website Design for Sara Barwick of The Doctor's Inn Furniture | Cincinnati, Ohio

Sara, it was great working with you.  If I can be of any help please let me know.  I'm glad to hear that I was able to answer your questions.  Let me know if you want to add a shopping cart to your website --- I can also help with that.  Thanks!

Ian worked with me step-by-step until my perfect website was complete. His response time was great and he offered excellent trouble shooting for all of my questions. I am very pleased with the finished product and have Ian to thank.
-Sarah Barwick

Website Design for Non-Profit Connected Grand Families - A Community Website

Elois, it was great putting this site together.  I feel like you're work you're doing is amazing and it's project like these that remind me why I got started doing website development in the first place.  Keep up your amazing work and let me know if I can be of any assistance moving forward.  Thanks!

College Web Pro exceeded my expectations in designing my non profit website! In a short amount of time, Ian accomplished what he proposed he would do and so much more! I was impressed with the support provided. Ian's professionalism was demonstrated in multiple areas (e.g. tutorials, accessibilty, expertise and amazing customer service). Thanks, CWP for an awesome finished product.
-Elois Cotton

A Brand New Easy-to-Update Website Completed for Jason Miller of Forked River, NJ

Really glad to hear how happy you were with the finished website.  If you need anything in the future, have any problems updating the site, or need any other websites set up please let me know.  Thanks a bunch!

There are many web hosting and marketing companies out there ... Ian Franzen and College Web Pro are by far the best! Not only does he do all the work himself, but he takes true time to help you along the way. He designed two websites for me and has drastically helped me to start my businesses. I wouldn't work with anyone else... thank you again Ian for your care throughout this process.
-Jason Miller

Website Set up for Purple Butterfly Inspirations | Cynthia Williams of Thomasville, Georgia

Great working with you Cynthia!  Yes, I'm happy to show you how to update the website yourself, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me.  I'm available anytime over phone, text, or e-mail.  Thanks!

College Web Pro gets 5 stars from me! You will be hard-pressed to find better customer service and tech support anywhere else. I am so impressed with Ian's response rate and specific answers to my questions. In addition to answering my questions, he trains me how to do future things for myself. He is absolutely unselfish with his knowledge and eagerly shares his skills. I am 100% satisfied with my choice to partner with College Web Pro!
- Cynthia Williams

Website Design for Julie Sereeler at Environmental Property Inspections

Hi Julie, it was great working with you and with your team at EPI.  If you need any help in the future or know anyone who needs a website set up please don't hesitate to reach out.  Had a great time collaborating with you.  Thanks for everything.

Working with Ian at College Web Pro has been a pure delight. He communicates well and on time, his videos and platform are easy to use and understand. I value his professionalism, his opinions, and his ideas for website design. I highly recommend hiring College Web Pro for your website design needs! Excellent customer service and a high quality product!

Website Design for Taylor of Hill King Solutions

Great working with you!  Let me know if you need any other help.  And if you need any help creating any additional e-mails please let me know.  Thank you!

Ian is an absolute asset. He will go above and beyond your expectations and he is very professional, helpful, and easy to work with. I highly recommend working with Ian and College Web Pro.

Website Design and Setup for Cleaning Service for Jasmine Gremling of She Can Clean

Amazing working with you!  If you ever want to use the appointment booking feature that we talked about before please let me know and I'll make it happen.  Thanks so much for your kind words and being so patient as I was getting the site online for you.  Much appreciated!

Ian and college web pro are great ! I highly recommend his company to anyone who is interested in getting their business on the web . Being a small business owner with minimal spare time I really appreciate the ease of working with Ian and his website platform. Ian was able to set up my site faster then expected and explained how I could simply make adjustments on my own if I choose too . Having little to no knowledge of how to work on a website after speeding with Ian I am easily able to navigate my site , make changes and upload photos to my online portfolio without incident. As well, I have received several compliments on the site he designed for my residential cleaning service and am so happy to have my busin…

Website Design Project for Copper Ridge Homeowner's Association of Georgia

Hey Eric, it was awesome working with you on this latest project for you HOA.  I think the site looks a lot better than the old one, and it should better meet the needs of residents moving forward.  If you ever run into any issues with the site or need help setting up a mailing list please let me know.  Glad I was able to take care of this project for you and that you were happy with the results.  Please keep me in mind for the next one!

Impressed again. Ian has helped me on projects before and has done it again. He helped me manage my neighborhood's HOA page giving it the polished touches that my eyes couldn't see. He has not only made another positive impression on me, but my 100+ neighbors that are able to appreciate his work as well. I am truly grateful for the time Ian has taken on our project. If the opportunity to work with Ian should arise again, I would not hesitate to give him my business again in the future. I've already created a list of friends that could ben…

Design of a Homepage for Author Author Corey Stultz

Hi Corey, thanks so much for patience as I put your site together.  It helped that you already had some amazing graphics designed for your latest novel.  You had some great questions and I'm glad I was able to help get you up and running.  Keep up the amazing writing and let me know if you ever need anything!

Ian's commitment to meeting his customers needs and ensuring they are happy is unprecedented in today's society. From the very start, I knew I was in good hands. He responds promptly to all questions, and I find his personalized video tutorials absolutely amazing! Without a doubt, I highly recommend him to anyone in the market for a website! Great job, Ian! Thanks again!

Website Design for Melanie Olson of Beauty Envy Fort Collins Colorado

Really nice working with you Melanie!  I'm glad I was able to help you change over the old domain name and that everything is working properly on the new site.  If you have any questions or need any help updating anything feel free to reach out to me - I'm happy to help.

Ian was great! I just started my own business as an esthetician and needed to get my name out there. It looks great and is easy to navigate.

Website Design for Wanda Bankston of Bankston's One Touch Courier Completed Successfully On-Time and Under Budget!

Really appreciate the review!  Good to hear that the website has been working out for you and that you're satisfied with the customer service.  If you need anything let me know!

Hi FBF, wanted to let you guys know about College Web Pro here you can build a website and manage your account and correspond with a live agent. If you’re interested in getting a site and getting found look no further. College Web Pro is the place to be.
-Wanda Bankston