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Website Design Project for Copper Ridge Homeowner's Association of Georgia

Hey Eric, it was awesome working with you on this latest project for you HOA.  I think the site looks a lot better than the old one, and it should better meet the needs of residents moving forward.  If you ever run into any issues with the site or need help setting up a mailing list please let me know.  Glad I was able to take care of this project for you and that you were happy with the results.  Please keep me in mind for the next one!

Impressed again. Ian has helped me on projects before and has done it again. He helped me manage my neighborhood's HOA page giving it the polished touches that my eyes couldn't see. He has not only made another positive impression on me, but my 100+ neighbors that are able to appreciate his work as well. I am truly grateful for the time Ian has taken on our project. If the opportunity to work with Ian should arise again, I would not hesitate to give him my business again in the future. I've already created a list of friends that could ben…