Website Design and Setup for Cleaning Service for Jasmine Gremling of She Can Clean

Amazing working with you!  If you ever want to use the appointment booking feature that we talked about before please let me know and I'll make it happen.  Thanks so much for your kind words and being so patient as I was getting the site online for you.  Much appreciated!

Ian and college web pro are great ! I highly recommend his company to anyone who is interested in getting their business on the web . Being a small business owner with minimal spare time I really appreciate the ease of working with Ian and his website platform. Ian was able to set up my site faster then expected and explained how I could simply make adjustments on my own if I choose too . Having little to no knowledge of how to work on a website after speeding with Ian I am easily able to navigate my site , make changes and upload photos to my online portfolio without incident. As well, I have received several compliments on the site he designed for my residential cleaning service and am so happy to have my business on the web . Even after completing the set up of my site Ian still helped me with my logo and adding additional pages to my original design hassle free .I'm so thankful for his service!

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